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30 Minutes to Beauty

Who has time for a day at the spa?  Look what you can be done in just 30 minutes!  This is a great way to de-stress, freshen up and tune up!  An R & R for days you just need a pick me up.

We are launching “30 Minutes to Beauty”. This is a great tri-treatment for only $99.  Here’s a quick demo!  Looks good, huh?

  This alien looking head wrap is actually a thermal hair conditioning treatment, utilizing Repechage’s newly launched Hydro Amino 18 Hair Spa treatment. It is a thermal seaweed conditioning treatment, not only to make your hair soft and smooth, but also to treat your scalp.  This is step ONE in “30 Minutes to Beauty”.

While the Hydro Amino 18 Hair Spa treatment is working magic on your locks, your face gets a seaweed mini-facial.  

And, of course, a little relaxing shoulder massage!

While your face and hair are getting re-balanced, re-hydrated, detoxified, renewed and regenerated, your hands get a hydro moisturizing mask and massage!

  Looks great, no?  Now you know how great 30 minutes can be spent! Your hydrating hand mask helps combat signs of aging on the hands such as dry skin, dark spots, and conditions your fingernails and cuticles.  My hands felt sooooo soft after this treatment!  You will love it!  

To make an appointment for this benefit packed treatment, call the salon at 404-264-9006!

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