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My NYC Trip

I have been looking forward to sharing the wonderful trip I took this past week to Repechage’s skin care headquarters.  Repechage is a woman-owned, family-owned business.  It’s made here in the U.S.  I got the pleasure of getting to tour their 50,000 square foot corporate headquarters.  They formulate, make, produce, ship, market, and train all from this one facility in Secaucus, New Jersey. I wasn’t allowed to take any photographs in their plant or lab (trade secrets!), but I will share the ones I did take.  I was visiting to be attend their annual congress.  This year was “Science and Senses”. Lydia Sarfati (the owner & creator of Repechage) was giving a training class and launching the new hair treatment which you saw in my posts earlier this week.  Here are some of the highlights:

Here’s me ready to tour the facility.

David Sarfati’s (Lydia’s husband’s) office/ and board room.  This is where all the marketing magic and new product brainstorming happens. Check out the huge world map on the wall. I want that!

The lit wall of products!  I want everything……

The entire facility was decorated with beautiful photographs, magazine ads from the last 3 decades, and painted in calming sea green and cool ocean blue.  The entire headquarters felt serene, yet the space felt very energetic at the same time.  Everything in there was state of the art!

Since I couldn’t take pictures, I will tell you about the rest of the building.  Lauren Streeter took Steve Hightower (my salon/spa owner) and I on a tour.  We got to meet their entire corporate team.  It was interesting to me that they kept all the office space open. There were no cubicles, and it was explained that keeping the office space open helped to keep communications from all departments open as well.

 The manufacturing and shipping side of things was really cool. I had never seen how products are actually made and packaged.  They had a boat dock attached to the back of the factory where they shipped in the fresh seaweed from Brittany, France. There were different areas of the plant. One area they  use a cold micro-bursting process to extract the liquid parts of the seaweed from the fibrous parts without losing any nutrients. We saw giant drums where they allowed the different ingredients to rest and then tested them for consistency and efficacy before using the ingredients in actual products.  There was another room where machines put finished formulations into sample sachets, tubes, jars, and pumps to use the finished product.

We saw where they hand packaged, hand-wrapped and shipped out all the finished products to countries all over the world.  When we happened to be looking around, they had a big shipment set out on pallets to go to Thailand and Korea.  

After touring the plant and the corporate offices we got to my favorite part.  We got to meet Ron Cruz.  He is the Research and Development Director, which is a fancy name for “product formulator”.  We got to check out the lab in which products are thought of, formulated, mixed, re-formulated, and eventually tested and launched out to the salons and spas.   The lab was any esthetician/ product junkie’s dream!  The walls were full of shelving holding all kinds of different ingredients- any kind of butter, clay, oil, essential oil, powder, etc you could imagine!  I could have spent hours in there!  

After we talked to Ron, we got to see where they design and create the actual packaging for a newly launched product.  It was quite interesting to see the collection of packaging collected as inspiration for their products.  A few packages I recognized from other types of products.  It was explained to me that they like to take apart other packages they like to see how they work.  They sometimes use aspects of other packaging and incorporate it into their own.  This is where their graphic designer plays around with colors, fonts, and other aspects of the finished product on retailer’s shelves.

It’s almost unimaginable as a consumer opening a new product to understand how much work, research, testing, imagination, collaboration, and team work that goes into the creation of the cream they are about to experience.

Here is Lydia Sarfati, CEO and creator of Repechage; Steve Hightower of Steve Hightower Hair Salon and Day Spa, Lauren Streeter, corporate educator for Repechage; and me, Tamara Townsend, esthetician at Steve Hightower Hair Salon and Day Spa.

I had a fabulous time in Secaucus, New Jersey experiencing Repechage-Beauty from the Sea!

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