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Micro-lifting: the Non Surgical Face Lift

Steve’s about to get micro-lifted!!!  What is micro-lifting, you ask? Micro-lifting is  a non surgical way to lift the face.  It uses very low volts of electricity to stimulate muscles in the face and neck to tighten and lift.

As you can see, Steve’s quite excited to get lifted!

First, Natalia cleans his skin.  Micro-lifting is a new technique to the United States, but has been performed in Europe for 30 years as a regular part of a facial.  It helps to tighten the muscles in the face, it actually lifts sagging parts of the skin. This works because the skin in our face is attached to the muscles. It’s the only part of the body where skin and muscle are attached together, not by ligaments or fascia as in the rest of our body.

Natalia is toning his skin.  Now he’s ready for the micro-lift!

What you are looking at here is the actual micro-lifting.  Each of those hand pieces has a damp Q-tip end in it.  The water helps the electricity to flow through the muscle, from wet Q-tip to wet Q-tip.  She brings the hand pieces close together, then pulls apart as you can see here.  This puts a very light electrical current through the muscle, forcing it to contract.  This lifts the skin attached to the muscle.  This is a very safe procedure, as it is basically helping the muscle to exercise.  I can’t wait until we get this machine at work!  We should have it within two weeks. My clients are going to love the results of this. Way cheaper than Botox!  And safer, too.  If you want to try this out, stay tuned for more info!

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